Live upstairs at The Bodega • 14+ event • early doors

  • Wednesday 14th November 2012
  • Supported by: Eagulls
  • Doors open: at 7:00pm

Holograms photo

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Swedish punk outfit Holograms formed in 2011 when the four players from various bands in the Stockholm punk scene met while working together at a factory.
The band was composed of guitarist/vocalist Anton Spetze, bassist/vocalist Andreas Lagerström, drummer Anton Strandberg, and synth player Filip Spetze. With synthesizer being a relative rarity in Swedish punk bands, Holograms' sound was something of an anomaly.

Melding the influence of early British punk bands and the Joy Division/Factory Records sound with nods to synth-punk acts like the Units or Suicide, the band set about playing gigs and working on recordings.

Their first releases came in the form of the ABC City 7", followed shortly by a self-titled full-length album.
Both recordings were released by Captured Tracks in 2012.  • • •  www.allmusic.com

plus guests:

EAGULLS  •  FaceBook        ///         EAGULLS  •  SoundCloud        ///         EAGULLS  •  MySpace

Leeds based five-piece Eagulls are a welcome breath of fresh air amongst a sea of career bands currently occupying the airwaves.
Unpretentious and genuinely unassuming, their chaotic brand of grass roots punk rock coupled with a lo-fi sensibility makes for a refreshing, if occasionally shambolic change from the studied cool exhibited by many of their peers and contemporaries. (DROWNED IN SOUND)

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