Club Nights

Request Line

It's your turn to be the DJ

EVERY Tuesday in the downstairs bar after our weekly POP QUIZ
•  10pm till late  //  FREE ENTRY 
•  Buy a drink and get a request
•  Your chance to choose the tunes.

Every Tuesday after our weekly NEVER MIND THE BODEGA POP QUIZ
we'll be hosting a brand new night - REQUEST LINE

Step #1 • Grab your request beermat from the bar.

Step #2 • Scrawl your song request on the beermat in your best handwriting • no s**t requests accepted.

Step #3 • Hand your request politely to the DJ.

Step #4 • The DJ will place your requests in the 'Randomiser' (it's a tombola drum).

Step #5 • Every couple of songs the DJ will pull out a request at random, check it for quality & then either play it or bin it  ...so make sure it's good.

Request Line poster image