Baby Metal

I don't know about you, but a lot of what I'm looking for in music these days is something I've never heard before.

I actually liked and enjoyed Psy and his "Gagnam Style", and totally agree with Grimes when she recently went on line hitting out at the haters.
"...I’m sorry, but I think it’s fucking incredible that a korean language song is the most popular thing on the planet. Thats so good for humanity.  Psy wrote and produced gangnam style himself and directed the video HIMSELF.  ...his art is creating a generation of kids that will grow up seeing asian culture as being as valid as western culture which they currently don’t."  •  http://actuallygrimes.tumblr.com (Feb 6th 2013 • something I want to say)

Let's face it folks we're talkin' POP music here, it's a bit of fun. Smile.

...so with that thought in mind, I give you my latest discovery from Japan... BABYMETAL !

Baby Metal promo photo

A J-Pop / Heavy Metal hybrid, three-piece... cute kids and heavy riffs! What's not to like?

Su-Metal (vocal & dance), Moametal (scream & dance) and Yuimetal (scream & dance), "pursuing the road of only one, rather than #1."

They've released three singles and a DVD to date, all on Toy's Factory records in Japan. Here's a couple of videos and links for you to check out.


yer pal, The Reverend Car-Bootleg X

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Phew! Thank god for that.

Bloody hell, that looked like it was shaping-up to be a close one.

Now please, all sing-a-long with me now...

and once more with feeling...

Rest assured folks, I'll be dusting down both of these gems for tonights ELECTRIC BANANA.
Maybe even give 'em a spin at The Pop Confessional on Friday.

yer pal, The Rev xxx

Angel be bangin' at the Banana!

Angel Haze photo

Pleasantly surprised this week by how well the two tunes that I played by Angel Haze went down at Wednesday's Electric Banana.

A week ago I'd never even heard of her. Came across the "Werkin Girls" video on www.rcrdlbl.com* and then picked up The New York EP from i-Tunes. Six tracks for £3 - not bad I thought.
Then just before I set out to work at Electric Banana this week, I caught her being interviewed on The Culture Show. At just 21 years old, she certainly seems to have had quite a strange life to date...

...and she can definitely spit. Just check out this next video...

*If you go to the actual Angel Haze article on RCRDLBL blog, you can get a FREE download of the "Werkin Girls" tune.

Please click here > > >    • • • LINK • • •    < < <

Love, Peace & The Holy Ghost! - yer pal The Rev X

Big Freedia 'Bounce' continued... in Asda West Bridgford!

Staying with all things AZZ related...
Just remembered this one that was doing the rounds about a year ago.

MR. GHETTO "Walmart"

Can't say I've seen any of this sorta thing cracking off in my local "Walmart" (or Asda as it's known here in the UK). Golden opportunity for a UK send-up video somebody, the shop is called Assda!

 Also just remembered this Seinfeld classic

Kramer painting

got a problem embedding the video (it's not allowing me to), so I'm afraid you are just gonna have to follow this link...

Cosmo Kramer • Assman

as ever, yer pal - The Reverend Car-Bootleg X