Halloween Horrors • #4

Sugar Pie DeSanto

SUGAR PIE DeSANTO • "Witch For A Night"

Filipino/American rhythm & blues legend of the 50's 'n 60's - still going strong today at 78 years of age!

Sugar Pie DeSanto photo

She toured with THE JOHNNY OTIS REVUE and THE JAMES BROWN REVUE in the fifties and early sixties, before signing to Chess records in 1962.
Her biggest tunes were probably "Soulful Dress" (1964) and the duets she did with childhood friend Etta James "In The Basement" and "Do I Make Myself Clear" (1966).

All of which, together with lots more goodies, can be found on the fantastic Ace/Kent compilation "Go Go Power - The Complete Chess singles 1961 - 1966". Released in the UK back in 2009.


Last Halloween treat going up tomorrow.

yer pal,

The Rev XXX

Halloween Horrors • #3

Now this one folks is obscure…
Jolly Tambourine Man 7
JOLLY TAMBOURINE MAN a Canadian band from the early eighties, they made a cassette and one DIY 7” single “Apple Strudle Man”.

Cassette cover image

As mentioned in previous posts, I have a very big VHS video collection that is currently covered in dust and rotting away in a garden shed. Amongst it’s many buried treasures is a promo film for “Apple Strudle Man”, aired on UK cable TV network Music Box back in tha day.
When video technology and cable TV was in it’s infancy I recorded practically anything musical that appeared on it.

Jolly Tambourine Man, I now know from their Wikipedia entry… Made a video for their first 7” which also coincided with the launch of the new Canadian answer to MTV, MuchMusic. The video went on to become one of the first independents to be added on rotation. So my guess is, that it was a similar story over here in the UK, with Music Box crying out for anything a bit different and not all coming from the major labels.

The video has a bit of a David Lynch / Eraserhead feel to it, with lots of great barnets, some scratchin’, a TAD-like front man, and (as she’s credited on the record) a grinning hot chick on accordian.


as ever, yer pal

the Rev. XXX

Halloween Horrors • #2

Italian metal gods DEATH SS, originally formed back in 1977 and still going strong today.

The brainchild of front man Steve Silvester they are thee ultimate horror metal band.
This video footage from some bizarre Italian kids TV show Hot Line circa 1991, is actually before Norwegian black metal and corpse paint.

Steve Sylvester photo

I've got the entire show on a VHS tape gathering dust, buried deep in the garden shed somewhere. The interview and public phone-in with Steve, later on in parts 3 & 4 are also well worth checking out.
God knows what he's rattlin' on about because it's all in Italian, but it all looks very serious.

The track "Vampire" starts at around the 3:34 mark.

The band completely let rip with some serious shredding 'n blood drinking, in a sea of smoke, skulls and polystyrene gravestones. Whilst an audience of bored bemused twelve year olds, look on totally un-impressed. At one point in the proceedings, two kids in the front row even cover their ears. It's great live TV.

Other killer titles by these guys include; Black Mummy, Horrible Eyes, Rabies Is A Killer, Paraphernalia, Heavy Demons and (the sinister sounding) Bad Luck.

 Death SS

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Lou Reed R.I.P.

As a 16 year old schoolboy in Barnard Castle around 1974/1975, I noticed a new mysterious music magazine appear on the shelves at my local newsagent. It was imported from America. More expensive 'n flashy than our domestic NME, Sounds and Melody Maker, but not as high-brow as Rolling Stone.
Called CREEM it was cram packed with lots of cool looking photos and wild tales of American rock 'n roll excess. Stories about; Iggy, Alice, Kiss and Lou.

In one particular issue I distinctly remember coming across an announcement of what to expect in next months issue.
Now with the aid of search engines & the worldwide web, I can show you that actual page.

Lou Reed ad. in CREEM magazine

Yup! This looked like something that I might want in on... Put me down for some of that!

...the seeds of my punk future were sown.

and for that Lou, I salute you, wherever you may be.

Thanks!  the Rev XXX

P.S. and here's a couple of You Tube goodies that you are probably NOT gonna see regurgitated on telly anywhere today.

Halloween Horrors • #1

Sorry ‘bout the lack of entries on the blog pages here recently, but since my weekly Electric Banana night got sacked-off (wrongly in my humble opinion) some months back by the powers that be. I’ve been a bit reluctant to big-up anything here on the Bodega website. Time to move on…

Halloween is approaching and I thought I’d put you on to some lesser known, but great horror themed tunes, for the run up to “All Hollows Evening”.

First up the SKATT BROTHERS!

Skayy Brothers B&W promo photo

I was always lead to believe that these guys were the Canadian answer to the VILLAGE PEOPLE – but a quick glance at their Wikipedia entry says “from Los Angeles” ?
Anyway, what they did have in common with the VILLAGE PEOPLE was they were on the same record label, Casablanca (home of Kiss/Donna Summer/Parliament).

Skatt Bros. 7

‘Walk The Night’* is taken from their first album ‘Strange Spirits’ (1979).

* Yeah I know it says Walk IN the night on the record cover - but the tune is "Walk THE Night"

Unfortunately it comes from a time before MTV and videos, so there's not a proper film...

You should also maybe check out their follow up single 'Live At The Outpost' from the same album. It's by no means Halloween related, but if you like hench bare chested men with cookie-dusters in cowboy gear... you've come to the right place.

Hubba! Hubba! Hubba!

...and more going up tomorrow.

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