White Interview

Glaswegian five-piece White are in the middle of their biggest tour to date. Having been addicted to their infectious pop songs for a while we got dead excited when they were confirmed to play here. They roll up to The Bodega this weekend so we caught up with Leo the singer in advance of the show...

Hey guys, you kicked off your tour last week, how has it been going so far?

Oh my. It's been amazing. Sold out in Edinburgh and then again for our hometown Glasgow gig at the 500-capacity QMU. All the dancing. People singing along, even with songs we haven't released. We put together a massive light show for Glasgow, had special guests, more dancing. I even cracked a smile.

We’re big fans of ‘Living Fiction’ in the office and it has been on repeat since you put it out. Is it one of your favourites to play live?

It's really come into its own since we released it - now crowds are learning it and shouting the chorus back to us. We've got a few new ones as well that are making the floor shake - a sleazy electro monster called Step Up is going down brilliantly.

A couple of us saw you at Y Not Festival last August and loved your set. For someone who hasn’t seen you before what can they expect from your live show?

Full-out sensory onslaught. Colours, huge sub-bass, smoke & neon. We don't do things by halfs - it's a one night stand forever. Bring shiny stuff.

Going back to festivals which were your favourite last year and which festivals are you hoping to play soon?

It was really special playing Reading/Leeds, and London Calling at the Paradiso in Amsterdam will take some forgetting - 2am and the whole room bouncing in the centre of that brilliant, crazy city. We're playing the Netherlands again straight after our UK tour, at Where The Wild Things Are, very excited about that. Our summer is currently getting filled in with others and we can't wait. Hopefully some beaches...

White play The Bodega this Saturday (27th Feb). You can get tickets here.

Anne-Marie Interview

Rudimental collaborator Anne-Marie is embarking on her first solo UK tour later this month and she's stopping off at The Bodega. We caught up with her ahead of the gig to chat about touring, karate and the year ahead.

Anne_Marie_Press Shot

You started out performing at a young age and obviously in the last few years you have been constantly on the road with Rudimental. How do you think these experiences have helped to shape the artist you’ve

In every single way possible. It's taught me how to perform, how to be confident, how to use my voice and keep it consistent. Also, being on the road with Rudimental, they were always playing old and new music after the shows on the tour bus and that has definitely helped me create my sound too.

We’ve been loving ‘Karate’ in the office, and what’s so charming about it is that we know from various online sources that you actually do kick-ass at karate. Do you think if singing had never happened for you, you’d still be doing it?

I still do it (when I get the time)! Whenever I'm back in Essex I go and train. But that's hardly ever now. If singing weren't happening then yeah I definitely would still be working hard at karate. I already have some teaching diplomas in it so would've continued to do that and maybe eventually had opened my own club! Maybe one day I still can. A new style of karate that blends my music with karate haha!

The back catalogue of people that you have worked with is so impressive. Who else would you love to collaborate with one day?

I'd love to work with Kendrick, Frank Ocean, The Internet, or Alanis Morisette!

This is your first ever solo headline tour. What can we expect from it?

I guess a very raw performance. People who will be coming to see me will be seeing some of my first ever shows so it will be very fresh for me and new. There'll probably be some mistakes but I kinda like that. Also I'll be singing more songs from my album so they'll get an insight into that too! It will be fun like always!

As someone who’s been on the road a lot recently we imagine you must have a haven of music playlists to keep you entertained. Which other artists are you loving right now?

Right now, I'm loving listening to The Internet, Jack Garrat, Swindle.

What’s next for Anne-Marie? What do you hope 2016 has in store for you?

Well I'll be the Rudimental boy's support act on tour this year and during that I'll be bringing out some more singles before my album drops in the summer!!

Anne-Marie plays The Bodega on Friday 29th January. Click here for tickets.

Best of 2015

Two of my fave raves from the year, neatly summed up in one twenty second video.

The legend that is Jon Snow from the brilliant Channel 4 News
and possibly the best tune of 2015 !

Take it away Jon...


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year folks!
See you New Year's Eve at the bar.

Photo of The Reverend Car-bootleg

Lots of love The Reverend Car Bootleg XXX

Interview: Amber Run

Amber Run are one of Nottingham's success stories this year. After reaching the Top 40 with their debut album '5am' they have toured extensively and are ending their year on a high with 3 special shows right here in their hometown. We caught up with Joe from the band to chat about Notts, their achievements and the future. 


Thanks for coming back to play a show at our venue, we’ve loved being a part of your band’s journey. What does it mean for you guys to come back and play 3 sold out shows in Notts?

Everything. We still, and always will, think of Nottingham as our surrogate home. We cut our teeth here. We wanted to come back and play in the places where it all started for us on this tour.

And on the subject of Nottingham, what are your favourite things to do here? Favourite places?

We love drinking at The Bodega or Rescue Rooms in fairness. Always nice to visit the Broadmarsh Centre though isn't it? One of the seven wonders of the world.


Looking back on your time in Nottingham, did you ever imagine you’d achieve the things you have?

If I'm honest yes. We worked hard and the concept of not touring the country or making an album was never an option. They were things we dreamt of growing up together. The thing that I never imagined was the love we received from people in the city. We love Nottingham and it's truly humbling and fucking wonderful that they still come out and see us. We are truly grateful.

You’re a great example of a musician in Nottingham who has gone on to do great things. What advice would you give to other new Nottingham musicians?

Work harder than everyone else. Understand that people will be dicks and have total faith in whatever you're doing. Also, familiarise yourself with the inside of vans and national petrol stations.

You’ve got quite a few friends who are also musicians. Who’s the most fun to hang out with?

I don't kiss and tell.

You’ve just been on the first half of your sold out tour. How were the shows?

They were great shows. KOKO was a real moment for us as well. Felt the culmination of a lot of hard work.

What are the best things about tour and what are the worst?

Playing a show every night is a beautiful thing. I have no negatives to talk about. Everyone should start a band and aspire to tour 300 days of the year. Sounds hilarious.

When you first heard that your album ‘5am’ had reached the Top 40, what was going through your head?

"Why ain't it no.1? Thought mum had bought 10,000"

Your friend Rhodes recently collaborated on an excellent track with Birdy. Do you have any plans to work with other musicians and if so, who would you love to work with?

We love working with other artists. Can be a bit tough logistically because there is already 5 of us, but I know we really want to get a female vocalist on board to do some new music. That would be great. Just need to find/convince someone we love to come and jam.

When can we expect new music?

Might play a few at these shows. We want to release more as soon as we can.

Amber Run play The Bodega this Thursday. Support comes from Jack Watts and George Holroyd.

Bodega Gold Card T&Cs


Yep! You read that correctly. Read on...

As a special end of year gift to you - our A.W.E.S.O.M.E customers - we have decided to give away our biggest prize yet!

The Bodega Gold Card will entitle you & a friend entry to every single event and gig that we have at our venue across the next year...including the mighty Dot To Dot Festival!

We are running this competition throughout December and you can enter as many times as you want.

"HOW DO I ENTER?!"...we hear you cry. Well, here are all the details:

- You must tell us your favourite #mybodega2015 memory. Pics and videos would be awesome!! We're looking for stories that will make us laugh, feel nostalgic and proud to have you as a customer
- Our managers and bar staff will be picking a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place
- 3rd place will win 2 x tickets to a gig of their choice
- 2nd place will win 2 x tickets to a gig of their choice and Dot To Dot Festival
- 1st place will win the main prize; THE BODEGA GOLD CARD
- This competition will be run on our Facebook, Twitter (@bodeganotts) and Instagram (@bodeganotts). Details on how to enter are on our profiles.
- You can enter as many times as you want with different memories and stories
- The winners will be announced on New Year's Day (1st January 2016)

Full Terms & Conditions

1. The competition will open on 08.12.15 at 12pm and will run until 31.12.15 at 4pm.
2. You must be 14 years or older to enter the competition. Please note that a large number of our events are over 18s only so under 18s will not be able to attend every event as advertised.
3. There may be times where we will not be able to give you free tickets for certain events. This will be a very rare occasion and you will be notified if it is going to happen.
4. To enter you must complete one of the following actions within the competition opening and closing times.
     a. To enter on Facebook, comment on the competition picture with your favourite Bodega memory or story from 2015.
     b. To enter on Twitter, describe your favourite Bodega memory or story from 2015 and use the hashtag #mybodega2015
     c. To enter on Instagram, 
describe your favourite Bodega memory or story from 2015 and use the hashtag #mybodega2015. Your profile must not be set to private otherwise we won't be able to see your entry.
5. There are 3 prizes to be won. 1st prize is the Bodega Gold Card, 2nd prize is 2 x tickets to a gig of your choice & 2 x tickets to Dot to Dot Festival, 3rd prize is 2 x tickets to a gig of your choice.
6. The winners will be chosen by the Bodega bar staff and management and our decision is final. Our decision will be based on the following factors.
      a. Whether your memory or story made us laugh or smile.
      b. How nostalgic your memory or story made us feel.

Good luck!