Alvarez Kings Interview

Hey Alvarez Kings! Looking forward to having you in May but for those who are yet to hear you, what can they expect from the live show?

Our live shows are pretty energetic! We love to get in amongst the crowd and we absolutely pride ourselves on performance. The music takes you in all directions emotionally from ballad esc souring strings, to smashing drums and pulsing synthesis. You can expect an experience for sure.

You’ve recently been travelling all around Europe, how has the reaction been overseas to the shows and the album?

The crowd reception was unbelievable and to know we have so many fans all over Europe is very humbling. Reaction wise it was great to see such amazing audiences singing every word to songs that have been years in the making when it isn’t even their first language. The album has been going down really well especially in the Netherlands & Germany and those audiences have been particularly receptive!

You recently just released your incredibly eclectic debut album Somewhere Between, did your vision of the album change much over the time you were making it?

I would honestly say the development and sound of the album has been a few years in the making. From demo form and creating all the synthesis, string & brass scores on a laptop to having those things played by real violinists etc was an incredible experience. Being able to work with classic and very expensive analogue synthesisers and being able to record the instruments in a number of astounding studios in LA certainly gave the sound a certain flavour and character. Working with a great producer helped make our writing more concise and get a powerful drum sound but our main album concept in terms of sound and aesthetic has been in place for a long while. Only on a few occasions did we have to totally tear the song apart like in the case of Sleepwalking Pt.II and The Other Side of Sadness but that was a challenge in itself making those songs fit into the album’s soundscape.

The albums packed with summer anthems so what are your plans for the Summer and the rest of the year?

We have a great tour cycle ahead of us, after just coming back from Europe we have a UK headline tour in place from May 23rd, then hitting the U.S. for 6 weeks which takes in around 30 or so shows, festival dates in not only our home town but also Ireland and America and then after the summer plans to go back around Europe. And who knows, we may even have some big support slots in place so keep up to date on our socials to see when we’re near you.

You’ve achieved loads in the 5 years since you formed including having No Resolve as BBC Radio’s Single of the Year, did you find the album hard to make after all the acclaim you’d been given?

Not at all, it was a rush to record everything in 3 weeks but as flattered as we are with such praise, we just want to do ourselves and our musical vision proud. We play the music we love, we want to develop further and ultimately, we want to share the experience with whoever is willing to listen and give it a chance.

Finally, what experiences have you had from playing in Nottingham before? Any stand-out moments?

There's only been a handful of times playing Nottingham and because we know and love the place so well, there have been many a drunken night spent plastered against the walls in Rock City after watching some amazing bands. It's an awesome city and every time we’ve played we have an incredible time and really throw ourselves around. Come check us out at Bodega and you’ll see what I mean, we can’t wait!

Thanks guys, see you in May!

Lisa Mitchell Interview


Hello Lisa Mitchell! We can’t wait to have you in Nottingham in May but for anyone that’s yet to hear you, how would you describe your music and the live show?

Looking forward to coming to Nottingham! My music is folk influenced but the production is more modern, so expect stories and folky melodies with minimal electronic and sampled rhythms, live drums, acoustic guitar and analogue synths - and many purely acoustic moments as well.


You’ve just recently released your new album, Warriors, how has the reaction been worldwide?

So happy to have my new album available everywhere. I've received lots of comments on Instagram and Facebook from people saying, for example, a particular song has resonated with them. It makes me glad to hear this, as of course, these are my own stories and feelings and it always feels absolutely terrifying releasing an album!


Warriors is a beautifully eclectic piece of work with a clear range of influences, did your vision of the album change much over the time you were making it?

I knew what Eric J Dubowsky was good at before we started. Neat sounding, analogue beats and a really good pop sensibility. My references included Sylvan Esso and Beirut. I did freak out at one moment and make him pull back all the samples that were more electronic-sounding, but 24 hours later I decided I loved where we were going. And made him go back to the previous version, much to his relief. 


Which experiences stand out to you from visiting the UK previously?

London is where I spend most of my time when I'm in the UK. I always feel like a student here - there is so much to learn, I'd love to study here. My Dad is from near Glasgow, so I have a soft spot for Glasgow, I love the old university and the west coast with its dark stone beaches. 


Finally, our favourite song from the album is What Is Love which coincidently is the name of our 90s based clubnight! If you were the DJ, what would be your first 90s song on the playlist?

This news has made my day! I'd play 'Stop’ by the Spice Girls, some Mariah Carey and some No Doubt! 

Thanks Lisa, see you in May…

Listen to 'The Boys' here, taken from the album Warriors

Lisa Mitchell will play The Bodega in Nottingham on 27th May 2017 - TICKETS

Tom Walker Interview

2017 is already shaping up to be one hell of a year for music but for one artist in particular, it couldn’t have gone off to a better start. Tom Walker has already signed a major label record deal, earned himself slots on tonnes of festivals and his current single Just You and I has already clocked up over 10 million streams on Spotify! We had a chat with Tom ahead of his show at the Bodega in Nottingham on 17th May…  


Hey Tom! We’re looking forward to having you in May but for those who are yet to hear your music, what can they expect?

Yeaaaah! I'm really looking forward to it... I've been down to Nottingham before playing a few acoustic sets but this time I'm back in town with my band. From when I’ve played in Nottingham before, I know the crowds are always awesome! 

We hear you’ve been busy in the studio, can you give us any hints on how it’s shaping up?

It’s shaping up very nicely. I’ve been working with a producer called Jim Abbiss [Arctic Monkeys/ Adele/Kasabian]. We've just finished the EP and it sounds wicked. We went all in getting as many real instruments on the record as possible. We even got a brass band in for one of the tracks! 

Each of your releases so far have been incredibly eclectic, where does inspiration usually come from when songwriting?

I usually write about whatever is going on in my life, I find it hard to write if I can’t relate to the subject matter, it just feels a bit fake otherwise. 

Your gorgeous current single Just You & I seems to be everywhere at the minute and is currently on over 10 million streams on Spotify! What are you hoping to achieve from the rest of the year?

I know, it’s pretty crazy! I've been totally overwhelmed with the reaction it’s been getting; it’s always nice when people dig the music. As for the rest of the year I just want to keep putting out new music and traveling as much as possible. 

Last question, if you could just play one song on one stage for the rest of your life, what song would you play and where?

I'd probably do a cover of "Tribute" by "Tenacious D" on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival - reckon that would be a good laugh. 


Tax the Heat Interview

“We really want to help keep guitar music alive for the next generation of rock music fans, come and live it with us…” Tax the Heat are fresh rock ‘n’ rollers that have been bringing their nostalgic anthems to adoring audiences across the country. With a ferocious debut album released last year, we caught up with the quartet on what we can expect from their return to Nottingham.

Welcome Tax the Heat! We’re looking forward to having you but for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to hear you yet, what can they expect?

They can expect a high-energy rock 'n' roll show with big sing along tunes. If you're into loud guitar music that spans styles from Free to QOTSA to The Hives and back via The Who you'll dig it. You need to ask yourself do you want your face ripped off by a guitar riff? If you're sane and the answer is yes, then buy a ticket and join the ride.


Your debut album was released just over a year ago, are there any plans to get back in the studio? Any chance for new tunes on the road?

I'm actually answering these questions whilst being sat in the studio, it's taking shape. We are at the beginning of album two work and will certainly be testing some new tunes out on the road.


Your music feels charmingly nostalgic, where would you say your main influences come from?

Our influences are wide and varied. We started the band with a firm idea of being a 60's style band capturing the energy of the British invasion bands that paved the way for all this stuff. Soon enough though it became its own beast and we let some of our other influences shine through. I like to think we nod to the past but we really want to help keep guitar music alive for the next generation of rock music fans. The genre is suffering, it needs new life, come and live it with us.


2016 was a big year for you with the album and tonnes of festivals, how are you hoping to top it in 2017?

We've got this headline tour coming up which will be great and also some key festival slots such as Download. Our next focus for the second half of the year will be our second album and getting the plans together for that, especially going into 2018. There's always murmurings of exciting stuff on the horizon so we will see what comes of that but ultimately more touring.


What do you know about Nottingham crowds? Have you had any special experiences or memories from the city before?

We played Nottingham once on a support slot with Black Star Riders and it was great. Very passionate live music fans which is all good with us.



Tax the Heat will be playing at The Bodega in Nottingham on 20th April - TICKETS


Natives Interview

In the generation of reality shows, very few Pop artists can say that they learnt their trade the old way through years of touring and living out a van. Natives however can proudly say they've earnt success the hard way as they now enter their fifth year as a band yet are playing the biggest shows of their career whilst gearing up to release their stunning sophomore album. Before they head back out on a headline tour in May, which features a stop at The Bodega in Nottingham on 18th May, we had a chat with the quartet about what to expect.

Hello Natives! We’re looking forward to welcoming you back in May for a headline show. This isn’t your first time at our venue, are there any special memories that stand out from playing in Nottingham before?

Hello! The show we played earlier this year at Rock City really stands out. It’s one of those iconic venues and was our first time on that stage, it definitely felt like a special moment.

We love what we’ve heard so far from the second album! What can we expect from the rest of the album?

Thanks! The album is quite diverse so there are definitely some elements which we haven’t shown yet. There are some dance music influences and a lot of new sounds which haven’t really come out yet. Also, the whole album tells a narrative, which is something you obviously can’t get a sense of until you hear the entire thing in sequence. We’re excited for people to hear it.

You’ve recently travelled the country as support for Busted, how has that been? Any stand out moments for you as a band?

The tour was great. The standout moments were getting to play to huge crowds in towns and cities where we wouldn’t normally have that opportunity - it was amazing to playing to thousands of people in Folkestone and Southend, for example, where tours of this size don’t normally visit.



2016 was a very busy year for you with non-stop touring and recording the new album. How’s 2017 looking?

Busier than the last! It’s pretty much 50/50 between studio time and live shows (and preparations for the live shows). Absolutely no complaints about being busy though, this album project is the best thing we’ve ever been a part of and the ambitious nature of the idea will make it all the more satisfying once it’s out! I think towards the end of the year and into next year we’ll be much more focussed on the touring side of things, to give us a little creative break before we start work on the next thing!

You certainly bring a party vibe to your shows, how would you describe your music to someone that’s yet to hear you?

We get asked this a lot! The best thing we’ve come up with is "Tribal Pop”. We always encourage people to have a listen or come to a show and make up their own mind though.


Finally, if you could just play one song at one venue for the rest of your careers, what would you choose?

“We Are The Champions” at St Mary’s Stadium!


Natives play The Bodega in Nottingham on 18th May - TICKETS

Listen to 'Chasing Lions' here