Cattle & Cane Interview

Describing themselves as sibling harmony rock-pop, Cattle & Cane are one of the country's most refreshing new bands and are gearing up to release their new album Mirrors at the end of April. We had a chat with Helen from the duo ahead of their Bodega show on 10th May. Tickets are still available from http://bit.ly/2l86osm...


Welcome Cattle & Cane! We can’t wait to have you return back to Nottingham and hear the brand new album, Mirrors. Are there any hints you can give us about the new album and the new tour? 

Hello! We are so excited to come back to Nottingham. It was such a dark horse on the tour we didn't realise how amazing the audience would be there! The new album is quite different to our first. We've definitely explored new avenues, new sounds and new themes with this album so we can't wait to tour it. And obviously we'll be playing tracks off our debut album too!

2016 was a very busy year for you with tonnes of festivals and gigs. How’s 2017 looking?

2017 is looking pretty hectic too! We've got so many things penciled into our diary already. But we wouldn't have it any other way! We love being on the road or going away to write and record new material. 

 7 Hours and I’ve Been Silent have been met with a great reception so far, which songs do you most look forward to playing live? 

There's so many that's it's really hard to chose. Our songs vary quite a lot from the quieter, softer harmony lead songs to the ones that we can kind of let lose with. I personally love the ones that free me up on stage and let me move and express myself more. "Make Your Vision", "Fool For You" and "Saviour" are my favourites from our new album. 


This isn’t your first time in Nottingham, are there any special experiences or memories that stand out?

I remember being shocked in Nottingham when people sang back our songs. We expect to hear it when we're gigging close to home so it was such a good feeling to experience that. And I remember so many people staying back after the show to come and meet and speak to us and everyone was so cool - Nottingham is such a friendly place! 

If you could pick one place to perform that you’ve never played at before, where would you go?

Ohhhh tough one there's so many!! I really like obscure venues. Venues that aren't really meant to be venues. We've played on a train before and in a launderette, so yeah somewhere a bit different!  

One last question, how would you describe yourselves to someone that’s never heard you before? 

This is such a hard question! Sibling harmony rock pop?!

Cattle & Cane headline The Bodega on 10th May 2017 - TICKETS

Listen to '7 Hours' here

Victoria Interview

Describing themselves as "piano driven alternative pop rock", Victoria are preparing to embark on a headline tour bringing their beautifully crafted stadium anthems to intimate venues. Before they stop off at the Bodega on 22nd March, Victoria told us what to expect from the show, their views on Nottingham and their favourite venue in the world...

Victoria will be playing the Bodega on 22nd March with special guests Wild Front, Vega Bay and ELANA - TICKETS HERE

We’re all big fans of your Distant Nights EP in the office, what can we expect from the live show? Are there any hints you can reveal?

Thanks very much! We’re putting our set together at the moment and we’re excited about it. We’ll be playing songs from our first EP as well as some brand new tracks and as Nottingham is the first show of our tour it’ll be the first time that we’ve played some of the songs live.

How would you describe your music to someone that has yet to hear you?

We’re big fans of bands like Coldplay, Keane and One Republic so there are definitely some elements of them in our music. Genre wise I’d say that we’re piano driven alternative pop rock.

You’re stopping off here as part of one of your first UK tours, are you excited and have you heard anything about Nottingham crowds?

It’s our first time playing in Nottingham and we can’t wait. We’ve been to a couple of shows in Nottingham before and they were amazing. There are some great bands from Nottingham so we’re keeping fingers crossed that we can live up to the high standard!

We hear you’ve been spending lots of time in the studio, how’s the recording been going?

A lot of our recording happens in our house in North London which is a lot of fun and we’re really happy with what we’ve been making. We’ll be putting out new music before the tour so keep an eye out for that. 

One last question, if you could only play one song in one venue for the rest of your careers, what would it be?

We’d probably go with something like Glass of Water by Coldplay as it’s an absolute belter but it's one of their lesser known songs so we could pass it off as our own. In terms of the venue, it’d have to be the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury - 4 out of 5 of us grew up in Somerset so the festival is high on our bucket list.


Victoria will be playing The Bodega on 22nd March 2017 with special guests Wild Front, Vega Bay and ELANA - TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE

Listen to 'Souvenir' here


The Tangents Interview

We caught up with Notts trio The Tangents ahead of their headline show here on 3rd March, discussing everything from the show to festivals to Knebworth... Support on the night will come from 5-piece indie rockers Short Weekends and Mansfield lads For The Girl. Tickets are still available from http://bit.ly/2lBEPXs...

It’s great to have you back playing at our venue, everyone in the office can’t wait! What does it mean for you guys to come back for another headline show in your hometown?

It's been a little while since we've done a headline show in Nottingham, we've been spending time sorting out the line-up and writing some new tracks. So we're proper buzzing for this one! It's always great to play your hometown and we want to make a major statement with this show.

How would you describe The Tangents to someone that’s never heard your music before?

Indie rock with a bit of garage rock thrown in. It's faster and more aggressive than your usual indie band. We sound a bit like The Jam when they started out, with more of a pop hook.

Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

The lyrics are mainly about relationships, the daily grind and getting off your nut. I think that these are things that most people can connect to and that makes the songs more relatable when you're listening to it. In terms of the music I tend to write the lyrics and a basic structure, and then the lads will hear it and come up with their parts. That means that the tune ends up being bigger than the sum of its parts, cos we all listen to different music and so you get loads of different inspirations shining through. There's a couple of cheeky Nottingham one-liners in the set.

You’ve supported great bands like The Sherlocks in the past, how does playing a headline show affect your set?

Playing a headline show is great because we get to play more tunes and we can make the last tune proper mega. We mess about with it, it might have a mental guitar solo at the end or we might just repeat that chorus until nobody has any vocal chords left. Depends how much beer everybody's had. 

It’s not long until festival season now, what have you got lined up for the Summer and the rest of the year?

We'll be announcing all of our Summer plans over the course of March. We're in the studio working with a very talented producer for our next single, which is gonna be bigger sounding than ever. But everything else is under wraps whilst we plan it out.

One last question, if you could only ever play one song at one venue for the rest of your lives, what would you play where?

Champagne Supernova at Knebworth.


The Tangents headline The Bodega on 3rd March 2017 - TICKETS

Listen to latest single 'Forever More' here

Ryan Hamilton Interview

American singer/songwriter Ryan Hamilton has been busy writing and recording his new album with his band The Traitors released today. Before he returns to Nottingham with an acoustic evening joined by specal guests on 1st March, we had a chat with Ryan about the new album and all things Nottingham... 

Tickets are still available please double click here > > TICKETS 


We're so excited to hear your new album with The Traitors, can you give us any hints about what to expect?
I'm so excited for you to hear it, haha! I've never been more proud of anything. I feel like it's the best group of songs I've ever written, and we're finally releasing an album as a band. This album sounds like what we sound like live. There's something about me being from Texas and my bandmates being from the UK that results in this old school, country tinged rock ‘n’ roll sound. I think this album is the perfect example of what our band is.


You’re stopping off here as part of your acoustic tour, how do acoustic shows differ to your full band gigs and do you approach them the same?

Well, other than it being "acoustic" and quieter than the big rock ‘n’ roll shows, it'll pretty much be the same! Crossing our fingers for an "MTV Unplugged" sort of vibe. I am really looking forward to this tour. The show will still be full band (plus some fun guests) but the songs will be presented a little differently. I've always loved it when bands did acoustic tours so I’m really happy that we're doing one of our own.


This isn’t your first time in Nottingham, do any special memories or experiences stand out from before? 

Mickey and Rob (drums & bass) are from that neck of the woods, so playing in Nottingham always has sort of a "hometown show" vibe which we love. I have a lot of fun memories from stopping at The Bodega the last couple of tours. Last time we were there, we shot a music video for "Medicine" so, the Bodega and the whole of Nottingham will always be associated with that fun memory. 


You’ve promised some special guests for the night, have you got any other surprises up your sleeve?

Yes! Paul Miro will be our special guest for Nottingham. Chrissy Barnacle will be supporting the whole tour. Can't wait to share their talent with everyone. We have some other fun stuff planned, but I don't want to give it away.


Last question, which songs are you most excited to play for us in March?

I am most looking forward to playing songs from the new album. Particularly the songs "Smarter", "Heavy Heart" and "We Never Should Have Moved to LA". 

Casey Lowry Interview

Upcoming indie-pop artist Casey Lowry has been busy playing shows across the country and is now embarking on his debut headline UK tour. Influenced by bands like The 1975, debut single Trampoline is a burst of summer pop perfection. If that wasn’t enough, a trio of incredible upcoming Nottingham artists will be joining Casey on 11th February! Mowbeck are a grit pop four piece with an ace debut EP, Sunflower Thieves are an acoustic duo that can stun a room into silence and Joseph Knight is an acoustic singer/songwriter with a killer voice!

Tickets are still available please double click here > > TICKETS 

Casey Lowry photo

We’re loving the teaser of your debut single Trampoline, what can we expect from the show?

I really love to put on a performance rather than just a gig. We need more performers in the industry that not only play great tunes but throw a real abrupt central character in the mix to get the crowd mesmerised by the whole experience rather than just turning up and dancing a little.

You’re stopping off here as part of your first UK tour, are you excited and have you heard anything about Nottingham crowds?

Excited, nervous and everything in between. I was speaking to Andy from Mowbeck at a Hunna show in Nottingham a few nights back and all we kept talking about was the crazy atmosphere and I'm just hoping that's a Nottingham thing because it was awesome. There was crowd surfing, pits the size of my house and an insane number of people all of which we can hopefully keep up with.

What is your main musical goal to achieve in 2017?

I just really want people to enjoy my music. I want to make people feel happy and have awesome memories with my tunes. That’s my goal, not just for 2017 but for my whole music career.


2016 was a big year for you with the release of your debut EP, Reading & Leeds shows and a headline hometown gig. What was the highlight of the year for you?

2016 was a great year for us! I’d say our highlight was definitely walking onstage at Leeds Festival to a full crowd; we’d all been going as punters since we were kids so it was a pretty magic moment. We also had a headline show at the Bodega back in November which was our first one in Nottingham so ended up being pretty special.

Who else are you excited to see on the bill for the Casey Lowry show?

We actually met Casey Lowry the other night at a show at Rock City and he’s such a nice guy. He is so DIY and does literally everything himself. We also caught Sunflower Thieves back at Hockley Hustle as well and their whole sound is so captivating so it should be a pretty good night.

Sunflower Thieves photo

How has the recording of your debut EP been going? Can you give us any hints what it’s sounding like?

It's been quite a long process as this is obviously the first time we've done this! We've been finding our feet and have been given so much support from lots of fabulous people. It's in the last stages, and will be available for pre order very soon! We’ll be promoting it at the show.

Who else are you excited to see on the bill for the Casey Lowry show?

We've played lots of gigs with Joseph Knight and as you know Amy has released a single with him also. We've had a sneak preview of his new music which is sounding super beautiful. Having never managed to catch Mowbeck live we're really looking forward to seeing them! And of course Casey, who we supported last year on his tour, and we think this is going to be bigger and better, and much different to the Casey we saw before!

Joseph Knight photo

It’s fair to say you’re a Bodega veteran! What do you enjoy most about performing here?

I always get excited when performing at The Bodega. It's a really lovely venue, and I'm always very warmly welcomed by both staff and by audiences. I think it's a mixture of those two things along with the way it sounds and looks. It's also a really great size, you can play to fairly large audiences without losing the personal feel, and you can see everyone's faces and really connect with your audience.

Who else are you excited to see on the bill?

Mowbeck have been on my list of local bands to see for a long time! I'm a huge fan of their music and haven't yet had the chance to see them play, I think they're definitely ones to watch in the next year or so - so I'm super excited to be included on a lineup with them.