Dot To Dot at The Bodega 2019

Our favourite musical day of the year is a matter of days away and we can't wait for Dot To Dot Festival 2019! Whilst other stages host the finest bigger bands, we like to shine a light on some new bands you should be listening to this Summer. Where to even start though?! We've saved you the trouble and we've gone through all the bands playing at The Bodega for this year's edition of the festival so you can check out what we have to offer.

Also check out our Spotify playlist of this year's Bodega bands over at http://tiny.cc/fvw46y...

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Upstairs – Doors: 12.45

00.00 – 00.30 – Mini Mansions: Gearing up to release their 3rd album this Summer, LA’s finest super-trio are back with their hip-swaying rock'n'roll and their downright poppiest material yet. Mini Mansions are at their prime – open, honest, and full of real tangible emotion but counterbalancing those feelings with musically fun songs. FFO: Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys.

23.00 – 23.30 – Fatherson: Big hooks and pop-rock riffs from Scotland’s finest. Released their ace third album ‘Sum of All Your Parts’ late last year. FFO: Catfish & The Bottlemen and Twin Atlantic.

22.00 – 22.30 – Alex Lahey: Melodically charged pop-punk anthems from this Aussie star, with her second album released a couple of weeks ago. FFO: Middle Kids and Stand Atlantic.

21.00 – 21.30 – Rews: London/Belfast based rock duo bringing their high energy pop-rock as shown on their acclaimed debut album ‘Pyro’. FFO: Estrons and Paramore.

20.00 – 20.30 – Pinky Pinky: Described as “rising queens of LA garage rock”, this trio will bring their sun-infused guitar gems to Notts for the very first time. FFO: Hinds and Cherry Glazerr.

19.00 – 19.30 – Talk Show: Prepare the mosh pits! This bunch of new wave punks from South London are causing a stir, blink and you’ll miss them. FFO: Shame and Fontaines D.C.

18.00 – 18.30 – Declan Welsh & The Decadent West: Young Glaswegian quartet creating direct indie-rock anthems, with a political message of humanity. FFO: Blur and The Vaccines.

17.00 – 17.30 – Brad stank: It’s time to chill out with this Scouse crooner that creates lo-fi, slacker jams, or as he likes to call it – “sexistential pop”. FFO: Mac DeMarco and Yellow Days.

16.00 – 16.30 – Faye Webster: Brought up surrounded by Atlanta’s folk and hip-hop scenes, this songstress bends genres with her serene songwriting. FFO: Stella Donnelly and Julia Jacklin.

15.00 – 15.30 – Bess Atwell: Releasing her new EP at the end of the month, Bess combines her mesmerising vocals with irresistible indie-folk songwriting. FFO: Gabrielle Aplin and Lucy Rose.

14.00 – 14.30 – Bessie Turner: Championed by BBC Introducing nationwide, this Suffolk songstress has been described to have "a soulfulness that floats like a cloud." FFO: The Orielles and The Big Moon.

13.00 – 13.30 – Megatrain: Intriguing Nottingham duo with a mish-mash of electro-folk sounds, beautiful harmonies and interesting lyrics. FFO: Tunng and LUMP.


Downstairs – Doors: 12.00

21.30 – 22.00 – Ella Knight: Soulful, effortless and warm; Nottingham has a new R&B queen on the scene thanks to this young talent. FFO: Jorja Smith and Mahalia.

20.30 – 21.00 – San Junipero: Get your dancing shoes on, this power-pop trio create ear-worm choruses that’ll get in your head for days. FFO: Fickle Friends and Sigrid.

19.30 – 20.00 – Mother Night: Describing themselves as ‘pagan pop from a Scottish island’, this trio create dark, warped indie-pop and it’s so bloody good. FFO: Boy Azooga and Self Esteem.

18.30 – 19.00 – Moon: This psychedelic mysterious quartet from the city are near enough impossible to find online. Your guess is as good as ours…

17.30 – 18.00 – Cinema Gold: Alt-electro trio making shimmering lo-fi ballads, consisting of samples and synths. ‘Cosmic, pastoral, trippy and seductive.’

16.30 – 17.00 – Caius Burns: By day he’s Cai from Kagoule, by night he’s Caius Burns, the stripped back folk vocalist with his ever-intriguing lyrics and that gorgeously distinct vocal.

15.30 – 16.00 – Phil Madeley: Wrapped up in his laid-back, grit-edged soft rock, Phil writes songs that want to offer as much refuge as they do commentary. FFO: Neil Young and Jamie T.

14.30 – 15.00 – The Crying Violets: An indie pop/rock duo blending gorgeous vocals, catchy beats, and bright, harmonic guitar. FFO: Fleetwood Mac and Vampire Weekend.

13.30 – 14.00 – Elliot Williams: A voice that can make anyone stop in their tracks. This singer-songwriter has got a knack for writing a gorgeous tune. FFO: Ben Howard and Lewis Capaldi.

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Check out our Bodega x Dot To Dot playlist now to listen to all these bands in one handy place: http://tiny.cc/fvw46y

Dot To Dot takes place across the whole of Nottingham on 26th May and tickets are on sale now from bit.ly/2vYXJvh

Husky Loops Interview

If you’ve been playing FIFA recently, you may have found yourself humming one of the catchiest tunes from the soundtrack called “Everytime I Run”. The band behind the track, Husky Loops. Creating a unique blend of hip-hop, funk and rock, the hotly-anticipated trio are currently out on the road ahead of their new EP. We spoke to Danio (vocals and guitar) before they stop at The Bodega on 25th October - TICKETS

Hey Husky Loops! Looking forward to having you here but for those who haven’t heard you before, what can they expect?

Lots of new songs and mainly new jokes. And for those who haven't heard us, our show sounds like a machine demon crawling through the gold soil of love, with very angry tunes and very lovely melodies.

Your single ‘Daft’ is a grungey, bass-ey pool of goodness (think we nailed that), where did the inspiration for your signature sound come from? 

Not from grunge or rock at all, mainly hip hop and 70’s funk. This is why we decided to record it with Malcolm Catto (The Heliocentrics). We kinda wanted it to sound like Madlib. I think the song really has that weird samply lo-fi texture, but it’s all recorded live actually. Big shout out to Malcolm, his studio is gold

You’re recently wrapped up a busy festival season, how was it for you guys?

Incredible, mainly abroad, in Amsterdam we headlined London Calling at Paradiso and in Prague we played before David Byrne at Metronome and at both festivals the crowd were awesome. So many people... insane. These two were the highlights so far. We’re still surprised when so many fans or curious folks show up for us, because in some cities in the UK we still play in front of 30 people.

You’ve toured around the UK quite a bit, where do you get most excited to play?

Everywhere, no preference at all. Every town has a different vibe, every cities different kind of fans! Bodega is really good tho! 

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

There were many moments I still can’t believe happened... touring with big acts like Kills, Spoon and Placebo was amazing, playing before David Byrne was amazing, jamming with Brian Eno was amazing, collaborating with Sergei Polunin and Rankin was amazing... all of this seems insane to me if I think I am from Bologna Italy, but I don’t want to see or perceive a highlight you know, I want to keep going and so much more needs to happen. They were just amazing moments.

And finally, you’ve got a day off from tour, what’s the first thing each of you do when you get back home? 

I don’t know about the boys, I go downstairs in the French Cafè and have a baguette.

Husky Loops will be at The Bodega on Thursday 25th October - TICKETS

Airways Interview

The past few years have brought us bands like Nothing But Thieves, Catfish & The Bottlemen and Circa Waves. Give it a few years and a band called Airways will slot nicely on the end of that list too. The quartet from Peterborough via Chicago are already on their way to creating groove-rock masterpieces and with extensive tours over the EU and US, their live show is a force to be reckoned with also. We caught up with the band ahead of their upcoming Bodega show in October!



Airways! So excited for the October shows but for those who aren’t so familiar with you, sum up what they can expect…

4 sweaty guys pouring their hearts out on stage.


Tell us about the origins of Airways, where did you meet and how did you start making tunes?

We met in America, Jake met Brian in Los Angeles CA while he was out there writing some music. Two months later, Brian showed up on Jake’s doorstep in Peterborough and the conception of Airways went ahead that same day. 


Your sound has been described as a “young, refreshing and exciting indie rock band”, where did the inspiration for your sound come from?

We're a band of four, young boys who like to make music. There's nothing about us that is manufactured or fake and I feel like that shines through. We don't take ourselves too seriously and we focus on writing good songs and putting on a good live show. We want to make sure anybody who sees us live, leaves that show and tells all their friends about it.



You’ve been touring with Nothing But Thieves across the EU and US, how was it being on the road with them?

They're good ol' boys. America was an experience for us as it is such a behemoth compared to England. The drives are longer, the serving sizes are bigger and the drinks are stronger. We did most of the tour sleeping on the floors and sofas of whoever would take us. Luckily, Brian had enough friends around the country to make sure we were looked after wherever we stayed. The Nothing But Thieves band and crew really looked out for us whenever we were on tour with them which we are really appreciative about. 


October will see your biggest headline shows to date, how does your approach to those differ to supports and festival slots?

It's an opportunity for us to put on our own show and make it a spectacle. Typically, we will only get to play 30-minute sets at festivals or as a support band, which is almost just an "introduction to Airways". When we put on our show, we essentially get to do whatever we want. We have plenty of material sitting on the back burners that we can't fit into a 30-minute set and headline shows give us the opportunity to put that music out into the world in a live format. I think when you see a band live as opposed to just listening to studio recordings, you understand what that band is trying to do more so than any other format of listening to them.  


And finally, you’ve got a day off from tour, what’s the first thing each of you do when you get back home?

Home Cooked Sunday Roast.


Check out Reckless Tongue here

Airways will be at The Bodega, Nottingham on 1st October - TICKETS


Estrons Interview

With ferocious energy on-stage and riffs for days, mighty Welsh rockers Estrons are set to take the rest of 2018 by storm. With shows coming up supporting the legendary Garbage as well as festivals and headline shows of their own, we had a chat with Tali from the band about their upcoming Notts show and what the future holds for Estrons…

Hey Estrons! Can’t wait for you to unleash your energy in Notts but for those who are yet to see you, what can they expect from your live show?

A lot of energy, possibly some equipment breaking due to mosh pit enthusiasts, but we’ve also introduced some slower paced songs into the set. We’ve been developing our sound a lot since the last tour and some of the tracks have become more emotionally driven and personal so the live set should take you on quite the journey - it’s a bit of a roller coaster for us and I think that resonates to the crowd.

You’ve just released Lilac into the world which on the surface is a ferocious stormer of a track but lyrically it means a lot to you, how has the reaction been?

It’s been quite touching actually. We’ve been working hard on the project behind the scenes for the last few months so it’s been great to finally show the world what we’ve been doing. Our fans have been genuinely excited that we’re back and Lilac has been getting a really positive reaction from everyone. It’s a nice allusion for what we’ve got to share next.

We hear you’ve been in the studio recently, how is new material shaping up? Will we hear any more before the tour?

Like I’ve mentioned - we’ve been working incredibly hard! We’ve got much much more to share and it will be a bit more eclectic than what we’ve released so far. Stay tuned…

You look like you’re pretty constantly on the road, is touring your favourite part of the job?

Touring is long hours on the road and many service stations and a lot of logistical nightmares so it certainly has its downsides, but being on stage is something we all really enjoy doing. Only then can people truly see hear and feel you for what you are. My favourite part is going back to see the faces we saw when we first visited these places and making new friends. We’ve met so many incredible people.

Festival season is well underway, how does your approach change to headline shows, festival slots or support gigs with Garbage?

Festivals are a great way of making new fans and they certainly have a more laid-back feeling about them. We can’t put on a light show as such or put on our playlist to set the room, but seeming as they tend to be a standalone show rather than a string of them like you’d do on tour, you get less afraid of damaging yourself so you can get away with a lot more physically. We’ve all hurt ourselves pretty bad doing stupid stuff…

You’ve got a day off from tour, what’s the first thing each of you do when you’re back home?

Touring is a weird vortex away from reality. You’re surrounded by new places and faces and you eat sandwiches and sleep in complicated arrangements so the first thing we do is usually sleep. It’s nice to arrange a pint with a friend in your local just to get that sense of normality back... but I’m usually itching to get back out there once that normality hit is over. We miss the M5!

And finally, if you could just play one song on one stage for the rest of your lives, what would you play and where?

I’ve been listening to Paraguay by Iggy Pop on repeat for about 4 weeks now. I would love to cover it if I could pull it off. The idea of pulling up your roots and leaving civilisation is certainly a dream we’ve all had at times. I guess we could move to Paraguay and sing that forever if things get too tough. Sounds ideal(istic). 

Estrons will be at The Bodega on 9th November – TICKETS

Sea Girls Interview

London-based quartet Sea Girls may still be pretty early on into their career as a band, but they seem to have already perfected their arena-ready indie-pop sound. They've just kicked off their festival season with sets at BBC Radio 1's Biggest Weekend and All Points East with Catfish & the Bottlemen and we suspect in years to come they'll be headlining festivals of their own. With a new EP 'Adored' out today, we caught up with the band ahead of their Bodega show in October - TICKETS

Hey Sea Girls! Can't wait to have you here but for those who are yet to hear you, what can they expect?

Well we're going to try and take you by surprise. Our goal with every gig is to turn what you think is a casual night of music to 'The Night I Saw Sea Girls'. Of course, a good gig is when there's a connection between the band and the audience, but we're pretty sure this is a given with a Nottingham audience *winky face*.

2018 has already been a big year of releases and gigs for you, what can we expect for the rest of the year?

You'll see us bouncing around the country, from Somerset to Inverness we'll be playing festivals. In between that we'll be squeezing in some writing and recording for the next batch of (hopefully) 'banging' tracks. Although the end goal of the year is to gear up to our debut album. With guidance from our amazing producer Larry Hibbitt, it's sure to be a smorgasbord of bangers.

You've just kickstarted your festival season with loads more incoming such as Reading & Leeds, how excited are you to hit the festival circuit?

It's all a bit surreal to be honest, getting out there and playing is exactly what we're in it for. We're just 4 mates who love music, and now what we want is to meet the people that have helped us to live it.

You seem to have found the formula to creating huge indie anthems, where does the inspiration for your sound come from?

We don't take anything for granted, we think that's the first step, you've got to work for it by writing and practising. But there's also a fair bit of trusting your gut. If an idea feels good you should follow it. As far as content goes we take from relationships and experiences, although we try to allude to universal feelings. We want everyone to relate if possible.

We all grew up on noughties indie so that definitely filters into our music. Although as individuals we pull the sound towards our current tastes, such as Lana Del Rey, Nick Cave, Ryan Adams and Sigrid.

In February, you completed a huge headline tour which included some big sell-out shows. How was the reaction? Which was your favourite gig?

It was mad and incredible. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have pictured the crowds we had. All of them were great in different ways so I don't think we can pin one down as the best.

And finally, you've got a day off from tour, what's the first thing each of you do when you get back home?

Henry - Cracks open a beer.

Rory - Makes a cup of tea.

Andrew - Eats a microwaveable Chicken Tikka Masala. 

Oliver - Waves at an Aubergine by a lake - not really!

Sea Girls will be at The Bodega with special guests The Pale White on 4th October - TICKETS