Big Freedia 'Bounce' continued... in Asda West Bridgford!

Staying with all things AZZ related...
Just remembered this one that was doing the rounds about a year ago.

MR. GHETTO "Walmart"

Can't say I've seen any of this sorta thing cracking off in my local "Walmart" (or Asda as it's known here in the UK). Golden opportunity for a UK send-up video somebody, the shop is called Assda!

 Also just remembered this Seinfeld classic

Kramer painting

got a problem embedding the video (it's not allowing me to), so I'm afraid you are just gonna have to follow this link...

Cosmo Kramer • Assman

as ever, yer pal - The Reverend Car-Bootleg X


Big Freedia • New Orleans Bounce

I've just discovered New Orleans Bounce, a form of call 'n response jiggy ass hip hop music who's roots apparently can be traced back to the late 80's. Folks I think you're gonna like this...

Big Freedia

...here's BIG FREEDIA (pronounced FREE-DA) to tell you more about the genre.

Hands down the best thing I played at Electric Banana last night.
...and the bar staff were lovin' it!

You heard it here first!

- your pal, The Reverend Car-Bootleg X

••• "BOUNCE" explained on Wikipedia •••

Ad. for "Legal Representation"

Saul in his office

Anybody out there need some good legal representation?
I can highly recommend this guy - the best money can buy!

Here's his official website...
SAUL GOODMAN • Attorney At Law
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your pal - The Reverend Car-Bootleg