Interview: The Mocking Jays

This Friday at The Bodega we are putting on yet another local headline show to celebrate our thriving music scene. This time The Mocking Jays take to our infamous stage! The legends over at Nusic have made it one of their Top 3 gigs of the week (Thanks Nusic!) and to give you a bit more insight about these local chaps we interviewed them ahead of the show.


How long have you guys been together and how did you all

As ‘The Mocking Jays’ we’ve been together for 18 months, but we were playing under several aliases for a year prior to ‘The Mocking Jays’. We are actually all good mates from school, apart from Lewis, who we found at the local Co-op, stacking shelves. When Jacob also got a part time job there the two just ‘hit it off’ and Lewis was invited in to the band….we never looked back since!

Who are your main influences as a band?

As a band our influences stretch far and wide across a spectrum of genres. Jacob likes pop music and artists such as The 1975, Michael Jackson and Drake. Lewis is a Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix lover and takes a lot of influence from blues music. Sam is a big fan of Michael Jackson too, but cites himself as a anything from ABBA to Anthrax sort of guy. Alex loves pop punk and his favourite band is Blink-182 along with the likes of Biffy Clyro and a bit of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Put all of that in a big mixing pot and I guess you get The Mocking Jays.

The Nottingham music scene is thriving at the moment, who are some of your favourite local acts?

We’ve seen some incredible artists whilst playing around Nottingham, our fellow ‘Lime Digital Management' mates House of Thieves are one to look out for as well as our good friends The Harmonics. Paper Shop Dave are a tight band too and then there are the likes of Adam Peter Smith, MotorMouth, Lee Tabix and loads more! Too many to mention to be honest. It certainly motivates you to work hard as there is a lot of talent and competition round here!

How are you feeling about playing your own headline show here at The Bodega?

In all honesty we've never even supported here at The Bodega, but we know for a fact it's one of the best venues round Nottingham and to be able to headline our debut show here is incredible! We’ve played The Rescue Rooms & Rock City Basement before and loved it. DHP do a lot of hard work for music in Nottingham and we are going to repay them by putting on a mega show when we get down to The Bodega on Friday!

The Mocking Jays play The Bodega this Friday! Click here to buy tickets.