Lisa Mitchell Interview


Hello Lisa Mitchell! We can’t wait to have you in Nottingham in May but for anyone that’s yet to hear you, how would you describe your music and the live show?

Looking forward to coming to Nottingham! My music is folk influenced but the production is more modern, so expect stories and folky melodies with minimal electronic and sampled rhythms, live drums, acoustic guitar and analogue synths - and many purely acoustic moments as well.


You’ve just recently released your new album, Warriors, how has the reaction been worldwide?

So happy to have my new album available everywhere. I've received lots of comments on Instagram and Facebook from people saying, for example, a particular song has resonated with them. It makes me glad to hear this, as of course, these are my own stories and feelings and it always feels absolutely terrifying releasing an album!


Warriors is a beautifully eclectic piece of work with a clear range of influences, did your vision of the album change much over the time you were making it?

I knew what Eric J Dubowsky was good at before we started. Neat sounding, analogue beats and a really good pop sensibility. My references included Sylvan Esso and Beirut. I did freak out at one moment and make him pull back all the samples that were more electronic-sounding, but 24 hours later I decided I loved where we were going. And made him go back to the previous version, much to his relief. 


Which experiences stand out to you from visiting the UK previously?

London is where I spend most of my time when I'm in the UK. I always feel like a student here - there is so much to learn, I'd love to study here. My Dad is from near Glasgow, so I have a soft spot for Glasgow, I love the old university and the west coast with its dark stone beaches. 


Finally, our favourite song from the album is What Is Love which coincidently is the name of our 90s based clubnight! If you were the DJ, what would be your first 90s song on the playlist?

This news has made my day! I'd play 'Stop’ by the Spice Girls, some Mariah Carey and some No Doubt! 

Thanks Lisa, see you in May…

Listen to 'The Boys' here, taken from the album Warriors

Lisa Mitchell will play The Bodega in Nottingham on 27th May 2017 - TICKETS