Tax the Heat Interview

“We really want to help keep guitar music alive for the next generation of rock music fans, come and live it with us…” Tax the Heat are fresh rock ‘n’ rollers that have been bringing their nostalgic anthems to adoring audiences across the country. With a ferocious debut album released last year, we caught up with the quartet on what we can expect from their return to Nottingham.

Welcome Tax the Heat! We’re looking forward to having you but for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to hear you yet, what can they expect?

They can expect a high-energy rock 'n' roll show with big sing along tunes. If you're into loud guitar music that spans styles from Free to QOTSA to The Hives and back via The Who you'll dig it. You need to ask yourself do you want your face ripped off by a guitar riff? If you're sane and the answer is yes, then buy a ticket and join the ride.


Your debut album was released just over a year ago, are there any plans to get back in the studio? Any chance for new tunes on the road?

I'm actually answering these questions whilst being sat in the studio, it's taking shape. We are at the beginning of album two work and will certainly be testing some new tunes out on the road.


Your music feels charmingly nostalgic, where would you say your main influences come from?

Our influences are wide and varied. We started the band with a firm idea of being a 60's style band capturing the energy of the British invasion bands that paved the way for all this stuff. Soon enough though it became its own beast and we let some of our other influences shine through. I like to think we nod to the past but we really want to help keep guitar music alive for the next generation of rock music fans. The genre is suffering, it needs new life, come and live it with us.


2016 was a big year for you with the album and tonnes of festivals, how are you hoping to top it in 2017?

We've got this headline tour coming up which will be great and also some key festival slots such as Download. Our next focus for the second half of the year will be our second album and getting the plans together for that, especially going into 2018. There's always murmurings of exciting stuff on the horizon so we will see what comes of that but ultimately more touring.


What do you know about Nottingham crowds? Have you had any special experiences or memories from the city before?

We played Nottingham once on a support slot with Black Star Riders and it was great. Very passionate live music fans which is all good with us.



Tax the Heat will be playing at The Bodega in Nottingham on 20th April - TICKETS