Cattle & Cane Interview

Describing themselves as sibling harmony rock-pop, Cattle & Cane are one of the country's most refreshing new bands and are gearing up to release their new album Mirrors at the end of April. We had a chat with Helen from the duo ahead of their Bodega show on 10th May. Tickets are still available from http://bit.ly/2l86osm...


Welcome Cattle & Cane! We can’t wait to have you return back to Nottingham and hear the brand new album, Mirrors. Are there any hints you can give us about the new album and the new tour? 

Hello! We are so excited to come back to Nottingham. It was such a dark horse on the tour we didn't realise how amazing the audience would be there! The new album is quite different to our first. We've definitely explored new avenues, new sounds and new themes with this album so we can't wait to tour it. And obviously we'll be playing tracks off our debut album too!

2016 was a very busy year for you with tonnes of festivals and gigs. How’s 2017 looking?

2017 is looking pretty hectic too! We've got so many things penciled into our diary already. But we wouldn't have it any other way! We love being on the road or going away to write and record new material. 

 7 Hours and I’ve Been Silent have been met with a great reception so far, which songs do you most look forward to playing live? 

There's so many that's it's really hard to chose. Our songs vary quite a lot from the quieter, softer harmony lead songs to the ones that we can kind of let lose with. I personally love the ones that free me up on stage and let me move and express myself more. "Make Your Vision", "Fool For You" and "Saviour" are my favourites from our new album. 


This isn’t your first time in Nottingham, are there any special experiences or memories that stand out?

I remember being shocked in Nottingham when people sang back our songs. We expect to hear it when we're gigging close to home so it was such a good feeling to experience that. And I remember so many people staying back after the show to come and meet and speak to us and everyone was so cool - Nottingham is such a friendly place! 

If you could pick one place to perform that you’ve never played at before, where would you go?

Ohhhh tough one there's so many!! I really like obscure venues. Venues that aren't really meant to be venues. We've played on a train before and in a launderette, so yeah somewhere a bit different!  

One last question, how would you describe yourselves to someone that’s never heard you before? 

This is such a hard question! Sibling harmony rock pop?!

Cattle & Cane headline The Bodega on 10th May 2017 - TICKETS

Listen to '7 Hours' here