Ryan Hamilton Interview

American singer/songwriter Ryan Hamilton has been busy writing and recording his new album with his band The Traitors released today. Before he returns to Nottingham with an acoustic evening joined by specal guests on 1st March, we had a chat with Ryan about the new album and all things Nottingham... 

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We're so excited to hear your new album with The Traitors, can you give us any hints about what to expect?
I'm so excited for you to hear it, haha! I've never been more proud of anything. I feel like it's the best group of songs I've ever written, and we're finally releasing an album as a band. This album sounds like what we sound like live. There's something about me being from Texas and my bandmates being from the UK that results in this old school, country tinged rock ‘n’ roll sound. I think this album is the perfect example of what our band is.


You’re stopping off here as part of your acoustic tour, how do acoustic shows differ to your full band gigs and do you approach them the same?

Well, other than it being "acoustic" and quieter than the big rock ‘n’ roll shows, it'll pretty much be the same! Crossing our fingers for an "MTV Unplugged" sort of vibe. I am really looking forward to this tour. The show will still be full band (plus some fun guests) but the songs will be presented a little differently. I've always loved it when bands did acoustic tours so I’m really happy that we're doing one of our own.


This isn’t your first time in Nottingham, do any special memories or experiences stand out from before? 

Mickey and Rob (drums & bass) are from that neck of the woods, so playing in Nottingham always has sort of a "hometown show" vibe which we love. I have a lot of fun memories from stopping at The Bodega the last couple of tours. Last time we were there, we shot a music video for "Medicine" so, the Bodega and the whole of Nottingham will always be associated with that fun memory. 


You’ve promised some special guests for the night, have you got any other surprises up your sleeve?

Yes! Paul Miro will be our special guest for Nottingham. Chrissy Barnacle will be supporting the whole tour. Can't wait to share their talent with everyone. We have some other fun stuff planned, but I don't want to give it away.


Last question, which songs are you most excited to play for us in March?

I am most looking forward to playing songs from the new album. Particularly the songs "Smarter", "Heavy Heart" and "We Never Should Have Moved to LA".