Vice • Saving South Sudan

Anybody else out there blown away by the last issue of VICE magazine (Volume 12 #4) Saving South Sudan.

Hands-down the best issue they've ever done in my humble opinion.

For those that missed out on it, you can read the whole thing up on the Vice website by double clicking the image below...
Vice Magazine South Sudan issue & link

You can also watch (links below) Robert Young Pelton  and  Tim Freccia 's fantastic film that accompanies the whole issue.

SAVING SOUTH SUDAN Film link • part #1

SAVING SOUTH SUDAN Film link • part #2

SAVING SOUTH SUDAN Film link • part #3

For those of you who read the original article, here's some footage of Riek Machar's first wife, Emma McCune.


Thanks for listening...

yer pal The Rev XXX

Phew! Thank god for that.

Bloody hell, that looked like it was shaping-up to be a close one.

Now please, all sing-a-long with me now...

and once more with feeling...

Rest assured folks, I'll be dusting down both of these gems for tonights ELECTRIC BANANA.
Maybe even give 'em a spin at The Pop Confessional on Friday.

yer pal, The Rev xxx