White Interview

Glaswegian five-piece White are in the middle of their biggest tour to date. Having been addicted to their infectious pop songs for a while we got dead excited when they were confirmed to play here. They roll up to The Bodega this weekend so we caught up with Leo the singer in advance of the show...

Hey guys, you kicked off your tour last week, how has it been going so far?

Oh my. It's been amazing. Sold out in Edinburgh and then again for our hometown Glasgow gig at the 500-capacity QMU. All the dancing. People singing along, even with songs we haven't released. We put together a massive light show for Glasgow, had special guests, more dancing. I even cracked a smile.

We’re big fans of ‘Living Fiction’ in the office and it has been on repeat since you put it out. Is it one of your favourites to play live?

It's really come into its own since we released it - now crowds are learning it and shouting the chorus back to us. We've got a few new ones as well that are making the floor shake - a sleazy electro monster called Step Up is going down brilliantly.

A couple of us saw you at Y Not Festival last August and loved your set. For someone who hasn’t seen you before what can they expect from your live show?

Full-out sensory onslaught. Colours, huge sub-bass, smoke & neon. We don't do things by halfs - it's a one night stand forever. Bring shiny stuff.

Going back to festivals which were your favourite last year and which festivals are you hoping to play soon?

It was really special playing Reading/Leeds, and London Calling at the Paradiso in Amsterdam will take some forgetting - 2am and the whole room bouncing in the centre of that brilliant, crazy city. We're playing the Netherlands again straight after our UK tour, at Where The Wild Things Are, very excited about that. Our summer is currently getting filled in with others and we can't wait. Hopefully some beaches...

White play The Bodega this Saturday (27th Feb). You can get tickets here.