Interview: Amber Run

Amber Run are one of Nottingham's success stories this year. After reaching the Top 40 with their debut album '5am' they have toured extensively and are ending their year on a high with 3 special shows right here in their hometown. We caught up with Joe from the band to chat about Notts, their achievements and the future. 


Thanks for coming back to play a show at our venue, we’ve loved being a part of your band’s journey. What does it mean for you guys to come back and play 3 sold out shows in Notts?

Everything. We still, and always will, think of Nottingham as our surrogate home. We cut our teeth here. We wanted to come back and play in the places where it all started for us on this tour.

And on the subject of Nottingham, what are your favourite things to do here? Favourite places?

We love drinking at The Bodega or Rescue Rooms in fairness. Always nice to visit the Broadmarsh Centre though isn't it? One of the seven wonders of the world.


Looking back on your time in Nottingham, did you ever imagine you’d achieve the things you have?

If I'm honest yes. We worked hard and the concept of not touring the country or making an album was never an option. They were things we dreamt of growing up together. The thing that I never imagined was the love we received from people in the city. We love Nottingham and it's truly humbling and fucking wonderful that they still come out and see us. We are truly grateful.

You’re a great example of a musician in Nottingham who has gone on to do great things. What advice would you give to other new Nottingham musicians?

Work harder than everyone else. Understand that people will be dicks and have total faith in whatever you're doing. Also, familiarise yourself with the inside of vans and national petrol stations.

You’ve got quite a few friends who are also musicians. Who’s the most fun to hang out with?

I don't kiss and tell.

You’ve just been on the first half of your sold out tour. How were the shows?

They were great shows. KOKO was a real moment for us as well. Felt the culmination of a lot of hard work.

What are the best things about tour and what are the worst?

Playing a show every night is a beautiful thing. I have no negatives to talk about. Everyone should start a band and aspire to tour 300 days of the year. Sounds hilarious.

When you first heard that your album ‘5am’ had reached the Top 40, what was going through your head?

"Why ain't it no.1? Thought mum had bought 10,000"

Your friend Rhodes recently collaborated on an excellent track with Birdy. Do you have any plans to work with other musicians and if so, who would you love to work with?

We love working with other artists. Can be a bit tough logistically because there is already 5 of us, but I know we really want to get a female vocalist on board to do some new music. That would be great. Just need to find/convince someone we love to come and jam.

When can we expect new music?

Might play a few at these shows. We want to release more as soon as we can.

Amber Run play The Bodega this Thursday. Support comes from Jack Watts and George Holroyd.