The Filthy Six Interview

The Filthy Six are an exciting and authentix Soul Jazz six piece that have established themselves as one of the most eclectic live acts around. After realeasing their funky third album 'More Filth' earlier this year, and touring around the US, they're back in the UK for a headline tour and we're excited to have them at our place this Friday! We had a chat with them before the show about the new album, what other famous musicinas they've also worked with and what to expect from the show here on Friday night.


You’ve just released your third album, how has the response been to your new material?

It’s been good so far! We’ve had a bit of airplay from Jazz FM and 6 Music, with Huey Morgan and Craig Charles playing us on their shows. Craig actually played us 4 shows in a row a few weeks back which was great! We’ve also had a few nice reviews, with 4 stars in Shindig Magazine and an 8/10 from Blues & Soul so we’re happy with that and hopefully there’s more on the way.

Over the past month you’ve been touring in the US. How’s it been and how do the crowds over there compare to the UK?

It was a lot of fun. America’s just an exciting place to be, current politics aside! The audiences there are very vocal, and aren’t afraid of getting straight on the dance floor which is always great from our perspective. British crowds can sometimes take more time to show their appreciation but it’s cool because when they do it really feels like you’ve earn't it. We miss the beer and the banter at home though so we’re really looking forward to playing these gigs!

Your band is a bit of a super group of musicians who’ve toured with some pretty big bands. Can you give us a profile on everyone in your band? 

      Ha! Yes, everyone does their fair share of session work so the CVs are nice and varied. The past couple of years I've played with Beck and the Foo Fighters, Mark has worked with Jack White and Basement Jaxx, Simon with Dionne Warwick and James Blunt, Pete with The Wonder Stuff, James with the James Taylor Quartet and Dan with Madness, among others. So as I say, quite a mix!


      We’re big fans of your cover of ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Something’! Will you have any other musical tricks up your sleeve for the Bodega show?

      Yeah, that was a fun one to put together what with the Gospel choir and everything! We’re going to be playing tracks from all 3 records this tour but leaning heavily on the new album. We do like a cheeky cover too though so you’ll have to wait and see!

      What’s next for you guys after this UK tour? Will we be seeing your name on any UK festival line ups?

      Well, i’m in the middle of the Mumford & Sons 'Wilder Mind' tour so it pretty much takes out the whole summer, but we’ll be playing some more dates in the Autumn so look out for them. Hopefully we’ll be back in Nottingham after a good one on Friday!

      The Filthy Six play The Bodega this Friday the 29th April with support from Cheshire and the Cat. Tickets available here!