Interview: Gengahr

Gengahr are about to embark on their biggest tour yet featuring sold out shows at Bristol's Exchange and London's Scala. We've had their album 'A Dream Outside' on repeat in the office for months so suitably we are pretty excited for this Friday. We caught up with John from the band in advance to chat festivals, tour and new music.


We’re back into gig season now which means we have to wave goodbye to festival season. What was your favourite festival to play this

Maybe Splendor in the Grass in Brisbane, mostly because I never thought I'd get to be that far away from home. Reading and Glastonbury were awesome, we had a few bad experiences but I'm only going to tease you with that, want to go back and do a better job.

A couple of us caught you at Y Not Festival in August. We’re looking forward to seeing you in a smaller environment here at The Bodega. What’s your favourite thing about playing in smaller venues?

Y Not was a lot of fun. If I'm watching a band I almost always prefer seeing them in a smaller place. I've had way more fun at festivals with friends but actually trying to connect with a band (that's sounds so lame) only really happens for me at club shows. Plus it always feels louder with all the sound bouncing off the walls and just seems more exciting to me.

Amazing work picking the supports for this tour! Are you looking forward to touring with Cash + David and Puma Rosa?

Thank you, yeah we are really excited, both bands are great. They are both a lot more synthetic and have a much heavier dance influence than us but it seems to be working. It's not like we are from totally different musical worlds. And I always like a bill that has a bit of variation to it, if it's well considered. People have had the Internet long enough. I can't imagine anyone proudly only listening to one genre of music anymore. Who wants to go watch four 90s influenced guitar dude bands?... Other than me...

You just released a new surprise EP ‘Tired Eyes’. Can we expect to hear some of the new tunes at The Bodega show?

Ah, that would be ruining the surprise (but yes, we will be). We will have had a few gigs under our belt by the time we get to Nottingham so we should be firing on all cylinders. Really can't wait.

Gengahr play The Bodega this Friday. Tickets are available here.