Bodega Box

Hello students and people of Nottingham! Thank you for visiting our blog. You're probably here because you've received one of our leaflets that can turn into a handy little box. Well, you've come to the right place, because here are the instructions on how to do it! Don't forget to send us your finished products using the hashtag #bodegabox.


Step 1 - With the writing face up fold one edge of the square to the opposite edge to make a triangle. Open up the leaflet again and fold the other two edges together. Once the leaflet is opened up again there will be an X in the middle of it.


Step 2 - Fold four triangles into the centre of the leaflet using the X you just made as a guideline. Once you have done this, fold two triangles back.


Step 3 - Using the centre line, fold both sides over and flatten.


Step 4 - Fold over one end diagonally and repeat on the other end. It should look like the below. Un-fold the ends and flatten it back out again.


Step 5 - Do the same thing but this time folding the ends the other way. Flatten it back out and lift up the two sides (like on the 4th picture).


Step 6 - Grab the end and tuck in the folds so that you can fold your edge over neatly. Repeat on the other side.

step 6

And.....you're done! Big ups! Send us your masterpieces using #bodegabox

IMG 76092