Sancho Panza Interview

Receiving a shatterproof cult following in 2019 across the Midlands, through their zesty slacker-rock psychedelia, Sancho Panza have gone from strength to strength in and around the city. Now poised for their debut Bodega headline show later this month, we caught up with Jack from the band.


Hey there Sancho! Set the scene for us, where are we finding you today?

Today, I am in sunny Heanor in Derbyshire on my day off. The other chaps are all at work, or in bed. I am on babysitting duties for my niece; it’s not all crazy rock ‘n’ roll! I am watching CBeebies, contemplating leaving the band for a career as a kid’s TV presenter, better money.


Take us back to the beginning, how did the assembly of Sancho Panza first take place?

We formed in mid-2018, so not too long ago. It was all a fairly quick process. I feel like I came in as the final piece of the puzzle, as the rest of the chaps had already been doing a bit of music together as this new project. There were several drummers trialled out and originally I think Cam or Cal were gonna sing. It wasn’t until me and Harry started knocking about with each other that I came into the frame. Within a few practises together we realised we had something of a platform to do this music malarkey, so we began playing a few gigs. Looking back, we’ve come a long way, the first gig we played didn’t even have lyrics, I was just singing about fishcakes.


We had many names before settling on Sancho Panza. Some were ridiculous, for a couple of gigs we were called FIDEL. Daft.


Your headline Bodega show is fast approaching, how excited are you to get out there and what should we expect from the show?

We’re all very stoked for it! We’re gonna blow the roof off I reckon (metaphorically speaking). I think we’re playing the best we’ve played at the minute. We haven’t had any arguments or silliness in the last few gigs, I think those boys are great musicians.


So we’re excited to do our thing on the stage. Expect a few new songs, Mr Jimi Mac on the keys, maybe another Pat Timms tambourine cameo? Maybe we’ll all wear matching shoes or something? Feel like it’s a big’un, so probably will make a huge statement? Maybe I will attempt to eat 30 yoghurts during the set. The kids love gimmicks, aye?


You’ve recently played your biggest gig at Rescue Rooms for Beat the Streets, how was that for you guys?

Ahh it was mega! We’ve all said we thought it was a great gig. It felt good to play to a packed room like that. We play better when there’s lots of people there. Hopefully someone gets us on at the Motorpoint Arena soon. We’re holding out for that Ed Sheeran support slot next time he comes…



It was grand to see everyone looking like they were enjoying it, on and off stage. People were boppin’ their heads, laughing and clapping, what more can you ask for? All for a great cause as well, it was top banana.


Steadily over the last 12 months you’ve kept releasing these killer singles which have been going down a storm with your loyal cult following, how does the creation process usually evolve?

Thanks! I think it differs on each song, some songs have taken a day to write, and it’s come together very naturally. Others take a lot of swapping and changing, everyone has a bit of input. We all individually write stuff, and it is often a case of whether it’s right for this band or not. More often than not, a lot of the songs are written on the keyboard. Then brought to practice, we play them lots until we’re not even sure if we like it anymore. Then record, then release it and then move on. We make music that we ourselves would dig, that’s what it’s all about. It’s cool that people are enjoying it.


And finally, have you got any diva-style demands on your rider that we should be preparing for?

Nothing too grand: maybe a few bottles of Grey Goose, croissants, Orange Juice, a Scalextric, 4 pack of John Smiths and maybe a Go Pro head cam, so we can document it all…


Sancho Panza will be at The Bodega on 28th February, alongside Soft Girls & Boys Club and The Letrasets. Tickets are on sale now here.

Announced this week - 14.02.20

It’s a love-filled announcement klaxon today, don’t hang about and get stuck in!

Taking their scissor-kicks and glam-rock riffs around the country in 2019, Cardiff's Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard​ will now bring their 70's-inspired rock 'n' roll swagger to The Bodega on 30th April. They’ve just released their new tune ‘John Lennon is my Jesus Christ’ too, check it!

Having released their eponymous debut album today, musician/producer Boniface will take to The Bodega on 17th May, armed with lavish arrangements, spacey beats and moody indie-pop tendencies.

Set to release their new album 'Breathing Exercises' later this month, Brighton's freshest duo Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn will bring their intelligent lyricism to Notts on 11th May.

Tickets for all shows will be available over on Alt Tickets.

APRE Interview

Honing their craft at packed headline shows and festival bills across the country, APRE are one of the UK’s most talked about bands for 2020, creating an infectious blend of intelligent pop, glistening synths and soulful guitars. We caught up with them as they prepare to hit the road in Feb, which will feature a stop in Notts on the 23rd...

Hello APRE! Could you start off by setting the scene for us, where are you right now and what are you up to today?

Hi!! Today we are in rehearsals in Shepherd’s Bush for our upcoming tour that kicks off next week. We are all currently scoffing a Tesco meal deal, the staple of any touring musician. 


You’re gearing up to head out on your biggest headline tour to date, how excited are you to get out there?

We have never been more excited for a tour! We have done support tours for the likes of Sam Fender and Half Alive basically all of last year so it will make a nice change to play to our own audiences.


2019 was a massive year for you guys, with some highlights including Glastonbury, support tours with Friendly Fires and Inhaler and even getting featured on the playlist of FIFA 20. How was that year looking back now?

It was intense! When you put it like that it makes me realise how much we actually achieved, but at the time it just felt like we were on the road for eternity! 


Speaking of FIFA, who’d win the great 2020 APRE tour bus FIFA tournament?

To be honest, our tour manager Neil is the only one heavily into his football. Though Charlie can bluff his way through half the Chelsea squad on a good day. 


You’ve described your sound as “alternative wonky indie electronic pop”, how do your songs usually form? Is it a collaborate process or is it a case of one bringing an idea to the table?

Mostly it starts together, with either a riff or a sample that inspires both of us, like the choir sample in ‘Everybody Loves You’. Then we will each just build on top of it until we are vibing something, then finally Charlie will take to the microphone. We are incredibly impatient though when it comes to songwriting, so if it takes any more than a few hours, we will probably forget about it.


And finally, have you got any wild pre-show rituals we should be preparing ourselves for?

To be honest, 5 minutes before stage you will probably find us all screaming ‘Cuddly Toy’ by Roachford at the top of our voices while steaming our clothes haha. Sad, I know.


Cheers lads, looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

Can’t wait!


APRE will be at The Bodega on 23rd February, with special guests Weird Milk and Polly Money. Tickets are on sale here.

Announced this week - 31.01.20

After a manic Xmas and January, we’re back with new gig updates! Plenty to get your teeth stuck into here so what are you waiting for?!

Following mass acclaim for their second album 'A Picture of Good Health' late last year, Hull's post-punk quartet LIFE are set to bring their Humberside riffs and scattergun wordplay to Notts on 14th April.

Tipped for big things in 2020, thanks to their infectious fusion of hip hop, punk and 90's rave, London duo Everyone You Know will stop off in Notts on their UK tour on 6th April.

Since founding art-rock band The Soft Boys in 1976, Robyn Hitchcock has become one of the UK's most prolific singer/songwriters and will bring his blend of folk and psychedelia to our stage on 24th September, whilst legendary singer-songwriter Nerina Pallot will bring her serene songwriting to The Bodega on 6th June, showcasing her impressive back catalogue glistening with jazz and blues influences.

Following support slots with Embrace and Ladytron, Manchester's IST IST are set to bring their pure synth rock bliss to The Bodega on 6th May, just after the release of their debut album ‘Architecture’ on the 1st.

And finally, we've teamed up with our friends at Women in Music to bring a big free party for International Women's Day on 8th March! We've got a sweet line-up of rising Notts artists playing live downstairs before our fave DJs take us late into the night. Featuring live sets from Velvet Blush, AVA SAINT, Tash Bird and Sasha Assad, followed by Stiff Kittens and Destiny's Stepchild!


And since the last blog update, we’ve announced a fair few other shows that we don’t want you to miss! So as a heads up, coming up at The Bodega will be:

Bridges – 13th April

Dan Lyons – 3rd March

Haggard Cat – 20th March

Lady Nade / Joe Hicks – 13th June

Nactus Kunan – 11th April

Neon Waltz – 30th March

Talk Show – 20th April

TOPS – 19th May

Tickets for all shows will be available over on Alt Tickets.

Brooders Interview

Describing themselves as 'loud, proud and full of psychy sounds', Leeds via Notts trio Brooders are everything that a grunge band should be: fuzzy, manic and a load of fun. They’re headlining The Bodega stage on 31st January, so we caught up with the boys ahead of the show about pre-show rituals, organising their own festival and grungey goodness.

Welcome Brooders! What can we expect from your headline show at the end of Jan?

We’ve been waiting to play at The Bodega for a long time now. Having visited many times as I grew up in Nottingham it was always a special place for me and my discovery of what live music was all about. Now having the chance to headline a show at the venue is a special kind of thing. 

We’re really excited to be playing and we’ll be pulling out all the stops for a fantastic show with plenty of crazy heavy manic screams, relentless pounding drums and the ferocity that our live shows have become known for.  

We’re excited to be back after about six months of live silence. We’ve been itching under our skin to bring back our riffs to the public eye, and where better to do it than the place that birthed our desire to make the music we play?!

Take us back to the birth of Brooders, how did the three of you get together and start making music?

Myself (Adam (Singer/Guitar) and Liam (Drums) attended a college together in Nottingham for several years before moving to Leeds to pursue our passion for music. We both were great friends in the college years, and it was a more than happy coincidence we both ended up in Leeds at the same uni. We never actually jammed until we came to Leeds though, as beforehand we’d both just pursued our own projects. When we got to Leeds, we figured something was missing. We began jamming with Speare (Bass) and the fuzz intertwined in a glorious manner.

The songwriting at the start was really just so natural. Every squeal from the guitar sat hand in hand with the rumble of the bass while the drums locked so relentlessly. It was a match made in riffy heaven. 

Your sound is a massive mix of fuzzed up guitars and grungey goodness, how does a song usually form? Is it a fairly collaborative process between all of you?

Aw, you do flatter us. Fuzzy grungey mayhem is all that we’re about. It’s a fairly natural blend really. Like a good cup of coffee, we have the beans, the sugar and the milk and it just works. I really shouldn’t be allowed to use analogies, but you get the gist. We usually get locked into a practice room and create some seriously bone shaking noises until one of us has a eureka moment/we receive a noise complaint. 

This January marks your biggest Notts headline show to date, how excited are you to get to The Bodega?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s such an influence for myself as a musician now to have seen as many bands as I have at The Bodega in the past. Some of the early gigs I attended like The Wytches, Drenge and Pete Doherty (don’t ask) were eye opening in ways I’d never seen before in any walk of life. It was exciting, raw, raucous and all revolved around the idea of making loud noises for people to sing along to. It was something that not only I wanted to be a part of, but something I was keen on creating for myself. 

In short. Very. But the longer answer is that it’s going to be a meaningful moment to top the billing at a place that has built the very foundations that we riff on.

You’re busy at the minute with preparations for your own festival in Leeds. How’s that going and where did the idea for RIFFFEST come from?

We ran the first instalment of RIFFFEST last year with False Advertising, Hands Off Gretel, Faux Pas, Bloodhound, Household Dogs and Adore//Repel on the billing. We were absolutely hooked on the festival buzz following the event and felt that we had to do something to really blow it out the water for this year. 

The idea for the festival was born of the love for underground riff-based music that was missing the spotlight it deserved. We were especially keen to celebrate this in our birthing town of Leeds too as we see so much heavy music in the north that is overlooked when locked in with very dense music scenes that are often dominated by more accessible genres and styles. We had a big ‘fuck that’ moment and just wanted to create something to really melt the faces off people. I like to think that we achieved that successfully and efficiently this year. 

With that in mind, this year is going to create a pile of sonic destruction like no other. It’s been an amazing experience so far and we’re ready to let the ground shake and the walls ache again. 

Any chance of taking future editions of RIFFFEST elsewhere? (hint hint)

Take us out for dinner first...

And finally, have you got any wild diva-style pre-show rituals we should be preparing for?

Back rubs, vicious wordplay and shouty vocal warmups.

Brooders will be at The Bodega on 31st January, with special guests Faux Pas and Marvin’s Revenge. Tickets are on sale here.